Bachelor of Arts.

Why did you choose your subject?

I'm passionate about languages because they give me insight into different cultures and perspectives. I’m also passionate about politics. To me, it’s about knowing how everything works in the world, who has power and who gets what. Politics affects everybody and if we understand how it works we can help shape it.

Congratulations on your scholarships!

Thanks! I was lucky enough to get three altogether. They enabled me to pursue my passions. The Emerging Leaders scholarship in particular was really, really fun. We got to meet so many different people. I’ve learned that there isn’t one type of leader which is really good to know.

Does UC encourage academic achievement?

Oh definitely. Recognition motivates you because you know there’s a reward at the end. At the same time, UC recognises that there are different types of success. It's not just academic or sport or leadership. It's everything.

You've helped out with the Student Volunteer Army too?

Yeah, it was really fun! You jump in a van with a bunch of new people and head off to the beach to plant trees. Or you go to school to help out. I love how there are so many different opportunities at UC. If you want to help there's always a place for you. Volunteering adds richness to your uni life. You get to meet so many people and branch out in your interests.

"Politics affects everybody and if we understand how it works we can help shape it."

What’s your favourite thing about being a UC student?

The diversity. I grew up in Invercargill where the Asian population is basically nil. I felt like I had to suppress my own culture. It's really cool to come to UC where they celebrate all types of diversity. You don't feel like you’re the odd one out. It brings everyone together.

What does the future hold for you?

I am open to every opportunity. I want to seek out all the scholarships and all the internships I can. If I don't get them that’s okay, I'll keep going anyway! Ultimately I’d like to work internationally. UC has opened up a lot of doors for me. I'm really excited for the future!