Sports Coaching.

So you're into sport?!

Yes, it's my main passion. I’m doing Sport Coaching because it can take me to a job I like.

What’s your dream job?

I’d love to be a sports analyst for a team somewhere in America. I'm a huge American sports fan. Rugby would be top of my list and I also like American football. Any American sport would be a dream to me.

Most exciting sport experience so far?

Last year I went on exchange to Purdue University in Indiana. That was probably the best four months of my life. I got to see an ice hockey game in New York and an American football game at the University of Michigan. It was incredible.

What do you like about American sport?

I like how outrageous it is. At the college football game there was a crowd of 112,000 people going nuts. Their coach gets paid $9 million. There are three assistant coaches who all get paid seven figures. At Purdue University their gym was five floors and they had an Olympic indoor swimming pool. It's insane!

"I get invited to team functions and end up sitting next to three All Blacks."

Back to UC, tell us about your Crusaders internship?

As part of my specialty in Performance Analysis I've been interning with the Crusaders. I film their games, then label and edit the footage so the players and coaches can watch it. It's been surreal. I get invited to team functions and end up sitting next to three All Blacks. They’re really friendly to you even if you’re just an intern from UC!

When you’re not studying you enjoy…

Adventuring. I go kayaking in Lyttelton Harbour, running in the Port Hills, swimming, biking... I'm a very outdoorsy kind of person. It's easy to do those sorts of thing here.

How would you describe the UC experience?

At UC I've been able to do so many things I didn't even know were possible. When I first started I thought I was going to be a history teacher and now I work at the Crusaders! UC has allowed me follow my dreams.