What inspired you to study HR and marketing?

I believe marketing is the gateway to ensure I can reduce environmental impacts in the workplace – raising awareness about green marketing and leading by example. Marketing and HR are both creative professions that will allow me to connect with a range of people.

Any highlights of your degree so far?

Definitely my exchange. I am the first person UC has sent to Radboud University in The Netherlands. It was absolutely life changing. It was the perfect opportunity to fully immerse myself in a new environment and culture. I encourage everyone to go on exchange! Partaking in the MGMT228 study tour to China has been yet another amazing opportunity to see a new country.

Tell us about the experience!

I studied in the winter semester and therefore got to visit some spectacular countries during a beautiful season, including spending Christmas Day skiing on the French Alps. I was lucky enough to visit 13 countries, from Scotland to Poland. Living on the border to Germany meant biking over there on the regular.

What personal skills did you gain on that trip?

My exchange opened me up to wide range of cultures and different types of people. I have a new found appreciation for culture, rights and rituals. I would like to think I am more open-minded and have better communication skills. I have also learnt more about myself and where I can make a difference in society.

"The social side of UC is our clubs that are a huge part of the student experience. You can get involved in just about anything."

It sounds like UC has been a great launching point for you!

Definitely. You get so much potential to travel at UC. Studying abroad is great because you get to enjoy the student lifestyle while you're travelling.

Why choose UC?

UC provides the perfect balance of academic and social activities. Commerce at UC is a well-connected faculty. The marketing & HR lecturers go well beyond what's required to ensure you excel at your studies and feel supported. The social side of UC is our clubs that are a huge part of the student experience. You can get involved in just about anything.

Where to next?

I am doing my Masters in Commerce, focusing on green marketing specifically the effects of overconsumption on our environment. I'm hugely passionate about the environment and sustainability. My dream is to work for a clean, green company that's positively impacting the way we consume products.