Bachelor of Laws.

Most exciting thing you’ve done at UC?



It’s a club I started last year. My friends and I were out at a karaoke night, joking about how funny it would be to start a Beyoncé club. We put the idea on Facebook and it got heaps of likes, so I thought I'd give it a go. We ended the year with 150 members and it won best new club!

Wow! Congratulations!

Thanks, it felt awesome! It's great to be supported. The whole point is to keep it as chilled out and relaxed as possible. We don't want it to be serious. We want to have fun and empower people to be their best.

You’re also vice president of Te Putairiki?

Yes, that’s the UC Māori Law Student Association. We help support Māori law students so they’re not feeling stuck. I wanted to get involved because of my own personal experience. I did my first year in Auckland and I probably would've dropped out if I hadn't had the support of an organisation like this. I want to do the same for others.

"It feels really good to help people get past their fears and worries."

How does Te Putairiki help students stick it out?

The Māori Development team administer supplementary tutorials which we assist in delivering. We also hold social events to create networks. Last year we went to the Te Hunga Rōia in Queenstown and we get firms to come in and give talks. We support students from the start all the way through.

Tell us about being a Tuakana.

I've just joined this year. As a Tuakana I have a Teina or 'younger sibling' who I help with social and academic stuff. I'm basically someone they can reach out to if they have questions. It feels really good to help people get past their fears and worries. I think they really appreciate it – I know I did!

How has UC shaped your future?

It's changed my perspective on Christchurch. I want to stay here now. I see a lot of potential and growth, which is really positive. Being at UC has given me balance in my life. I have my family, I have my independence, I have support, I have BeyonSoc!