Master of Professional Accounting.

You already run a business – amazing!

I do! It's called Mallu. It’s an ethical alternative to mainstream fashion. We’ve been at it for a year and it’s been amazing. We’ve been to India, we did the UCE Summer Start-up, we entered the entré 85K Challenge and won the sustainability and social enterprise award.

You’re also Chief Operations Officer at entré?

Yes, I work alongside the CEO and deal with all of the operations. It's pretty intense but it's such an incredible opportunity. I'm learning how to manage people, and that's exactly what I want to do in the future.

Any other leadership roles?

I'm also treasurer of MuSoc, the musical theatre society on campus. I was given lot of trust in taking on that role. When I started, the club was in a bad financial state but now we're ahead and in a good position to purchase assets and improve the quality of our shows. The other great thing about MuSoc is all the people I've met. It's an amazing culture that a lot of people don't realise is here.

Are you passionate about women in leadership?

Yes. I think it's important that women are equally represented as leaders. Everyone who’s interested in leadership deserves the recognition and support to get there. There are a lot of women who are already leaders but perhaps don't realise it.

"I think it's important that women are equally represented as leaders."

What entrepreneurial skills have you gained at UC?

Time management! Combining business and study means I have to make sure I have time for everything. It’s also given me a really open mind. I've had to learn how to take feedback constructively, even if it's not given that way.

And personal skills?

Standing up for myself and knowing that I can do it. I'm really proud of how far I've come.

Where’s your journey headed?

I definitely want to work with people in a social good organisation. I'd love to be an HR manager for an NGO. UC is setting me on that path. There is such a strong social scene and the classes are really collaborative. We work with real-life examples and have to solve real-life problems. It’s so relevant and I really enjoy that.