Does UC have you hitting the books or getting out and about?

Definitely a mixture of both. First-year was about the books, but by second year I started really getting into the clubs. I'm an extrovert so I like meeting people and doing stuff. I took off and that was that!

If you had to pick a favourite club, it would be…

entré, the biggest entrepreneurship club on campus. They bring in guest speakers and run competitions. Their biggest one is the 85K challenge, which gives out $85K in prize money. In 2016 I was lucky enough to be on the winning team. Other winners have even managed to sell their business afterwards. It's a very serious competition with amazing sponsors.

What's it like being on a club exec?

It's a vital addition to the student experience. As part of the entré exec I got to meet a whole lot of people. I realised that top executives aren't that scary, they actually want to help! I've also joined the Investment Society exec. It's a partnership with UC Business and Law where we get students in and teach them how to trade.

"I'd like to be a sustainable ethical investor, a business leader and ultimately go into politics."

How would you describe the UC learning experience?

Very open. My favourite part has been the tutorials. They're generally taught by recent grads who you can relate to really well. It's super easy to make friends in class too. On my first day I sat down and talked to the guy next to me, had a yarn and we're still friends today!

What do you want to achieve with your degree?

I really believe investing can do a lot of good in the world, and I want to put my money where my mouth is. I'd like to be a sustainable ethical investor, a business leader and ultimately go into politics. It's a 15-year plan and it's starting right here!

What makes UC stand out as university?

There so much support. Everything is here for you, you just have to take the steps and figure out what you want to do. I seriously do think UC is one of the best places ever.