Law & Science.

Most exciting thing you’ve done at UC?

A combination of going to China and all the things I've done with the Student Volunteer Army, like meeting Prince Harry!

Wow! What else have you done with SVA?

I've been on the Exec for the last 3 years. This year I'm Vice President. It's a great way to see different parts of Christchurch and meet new people. I get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Right now I'm helping to organise something called the Big Give.

What’s the Big Give?

It's a one-day event where we take 1000 UC student volunteers out to South Brighton. We're going to repair walking tracks, do a beach cleanup, build picnic tables and have a big community concert and BBQ. It should be a good day out for everyone.

How has SVA added to your UC experience?

I've definitely grown as a person. You learn a lot when you're organising an event for thousands! The UC clubs provide an awesome way to feel like part of the community. It helps in the long term too. My involvement with SVA has always become a talking point in job interviews.

"My involvement with SVA has always become a talking point in job interviews."

Any other highlights?

I went on a 3-week study tour to China. We were at a university, going to classes and helping Chinese students with their English. We also went to Shanghai and visited businesses like Fonterra and Zespri. It was really valuable learning.

Did you see the sights too?

A group of us stayed on for another 10 days to travel. We went to these incredibly beautiful mountains. I didn't expect to see that kind of scenery in China. We took an amazing gondola ride to the top and some people did the ‘plank walk’ which spans a sheer drop down the mountain. I was way too scared to do it!

Future plans for you?

I've just accepted a job at Ernst & Young, following on from a summer internship I did with them. But before I graduate I’m planning to go on exchange to California or Sweden. There are so many opportunities at UC. I really want to make an impact using the skills I've gained here.