Law and Arts.

How did you become passionate about law?

Since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to make a difference. I moved here from Egypt when I was 17 and started studying history at High School. I found that I was good at research, writing and putting ideas together to form an argument. That's law – I love it!

You were part of Law For Change – what’s that?

It's a national orgaisation and a UC club where students work with professional lawyers mostly on public interest projects. We help out in order to keep costs down for both the law firm and the client.

How did you enjoy that?

I loved the whole experience. It's the kind of work you’d be doing as a graduate lawyer. It gets you in touch with reality. Also, you get to do something that actually makes a difference while you're still learning.

Any other community involvement?

I was a registration officer with UN Youth. I also volunteer at the Community Law Centre, which is a free legal service. You sit with real people and listen to their issues. Then you talk to a lawyer and come back to the client with advice.

"I spent my summer interning, earning money and gaining points towards my degree."

You’ve mentored as well?

Yes, I spent four weeks mentoring at a lower decile primary school. I helped a kid who loved history. We did a presentation together on the Roman Empire. It was the best thing ever! I loved seeing how excited he got. I told him he should be a lawyer.

Career-wise, what opportunities have you had?

So many, it's insane! I got an internship with The Treasury in Wellington. I spent my summer interning, earning money and gaining points towards my degree. It was win-win. I've also done research work for lecturers and my honours paper just got published in a law journal. I'm so thankful and crazy excited!

Sounds like you love being busy!

I do. But you have to find the right balance and take time to enjoy what you're doing. UC is an awesome place to study. If you do the work and get involved, there's so much support and recognition for what you do.