Bachelor of Laws.

Tell us about living in a hall!

In first year I lived in Rochester & Rutherford. It's quite small so you get to make close connections. They organise events and social sports, it’s easy to make friends. Hall living really helped with my transition to uni, I'd definitely recommend it.

Now you’re a Residential Assistant?

Yes, I’m an RA at University Hall. We’re like big brothers or sisters to the first years. We help them cope with uni, given them tips. I live there too, so students can just come knock on my door if they need help.

How do you enjoy that?

I like interacting with the first years. It brings back memories! I enjoy being there for others. It's in my nature to help.

How else have you helped out?

I’m quite involved with the Pacific Development Team. I've been a mentor and tutor for two years. I catch up with my mentees for coffee and talk about how uni life is going. Sometimes it's the small things that make the difference. Last year my mentee asked, ‘What's the difference between a reference and a footnote?’ Every little bit helps.

"The extracurricular scene at UC is really good. Any niche you have, you can find something that fits you."

You’re also involved in a Pasifika Law Group?

Yes, it’s something we started this year. There aren't many Pasifika law students, so we wanted to create an opportunity for us to band together. It's a way to get to know each other so we’re not just faces in the crowd. The extracurricular scene at UC is really good. Any niche you have, you can find something that fits you.

How’s diversity on campus?

There are a lot of different ethnicities here, local and international. I've made friends from places like West Africa. It's really cool getting to know other cultures and sharing mine as well. Everyone’s different and we all have our own story.

Words of wisdom for newcomers?

Going to university isn't just about achieving academically. It's also about developing other core values like responsibility and accountability. At uni, it's up to you to get out there. I'd say, make yourself known, put your hand up and get involved!