Law & Business.

You describe yourself as a student-athlete. What’s that?

It’s someone who juggles uni with high-performance sport. I'm currently a Training Partner for the Mainland Tactix and was a part of the Silver Ferns Development Squad last year. I'm also studying law and commerce. They’re both really important to me. I'll keep juggling as long as possible!

What do you like about the mix?

I've always been busy. It has its challenges but I feel lucky to be able to do both. The support here is incredible. I couldn't speak more highly of the whole culture. UC is really accommodating and there's heaps of academic support if you need it.

So UC’s good for sport?

Definitely. Both for athletes and just in terms of the outdoors. I'm obsessed with the fact that you can get to the mountains and the beach in the same day. I also love running. All the tracks around here are amazing.

You started in the Emerging Leaders Development Program?

Last year I received the ELDP scholarship and this year I'm on the Exec. I’ve helped create a specific sports role to support young athletes coming through. Right now I support nine students. I’m their bridge to the uni, as well as connecting them with each other.

"The support here is incredible. I couldn't speak more highly of the whole culture."

Why is that important to you?

I know what it's like to be in their shoes. It's easy to feel a bit isolated when you're doing high performance sport. The more people you know who are doing what you're doing, the better life is. It’s also given me the chance to utilise my leadership skills. Getting recognised in that way is really cool.

Do you help out with regular sport too?

I've also introduced a social sport element to the ELDP. We've created a Futsal, Basketball and Volleyball team through UC Sport to bring people together and create camaraderie. It's been a hit!

Thoughts for students considering UC?

The whole vibe here is awesome. As soon as I stepped on this campus I just loved it. UC is a place you can do both sport and study. If you make the time and just do it, it will happen.