Abby. Arts.

What's your background and why did you choose UC?

I'm doing a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, with a minor in Te Reo Māori. I plan to do postgraduate study in teaching and head into the workforce as a primary trained teacher. I’m also interested in pursuing special education and music therapy.

What do you want to achieve as a teacher?

I want to help kids develop mental, physical and spiritual resiliency. I also really want to see Te Reo Māori being valued as the official language that it is, and I want to inspire future tamariki to speak te reo. I'd love to see an Aotearoa New Zealand that’s truly bilingual one day. Language is a window into culture and perspective, and I admire many aspects of te ao Māori.

How have you found studying Te Reo at UC?

It's been transformative, fascinating and eye-opening. There are lots of cool opportunities to practice what you learn. I go to a weekly gathering called Café Reo, where people can drop in, participate in activities and learn new vocabulary. One time, we did a scavenger hunt where the questions were all in Te Reo. It's helped me build confidence in my speaking and listening skills.

Have you signed up to any clubs?

Actually, I've just been elected to my fourth exec! I'm the Events Organiser for DigSoc. We oversee the campus community gardens. We have a pizza oven on-site and host awesome pizza parties! Students can come to our weekly working bees and take home their own produce. I’m also on the exec for Thursdays in Black, Eco Clubs Network, and QCanterbury, the rainbow/LGBTQIA+ group on campus.

"I don't think any other university offers the depth and breadth of options you can find here at UC."

What does a thriving clubs scene mean for students?

It’s hugely enriching. I've had so many fantastic experiences and met such lovely, passionate and creative people. The clubs give you a chance to step out your comfort zone, build character and get involved in the things you’re excited about.

Best thing about UC?

While I love the campus and the depth of content university study offers, I think the clubs really make UC stand out. What other university can boast a BeyonSoc, CurrySoc, BrunchSoc or KazooSoc? I don't think any other university offers the depth and breadth of options you can find here at UC.