UCMe - Emmi - Arts, Dramasoc, University of Canterbury, NZ
Emmi ORegan


Emmi Arts

What brought you to UC?

After living in Qatar and Dubai for 11 years I really needed a break from tall buildings! I used to live in Ōtautahi Christchurch so coming to UC felt like home for me.

How was the transition from overseas?

Pretty good. I was well prepared academically which really helped. I liked being able to do a couple of 200-level papers in my first year. They were challenging, but I loved being able to study what I’m really passionate about.

How did you find the people at UC?

Wonderful. In my first year I lived on campus at Ilam Apartments, which made it really easy to meet people. I also made friends by joining clubs like DramaSoc and Q Canterbury. There’s a really good support network for LGBTQA+ students at UC.

What are you enjoying most about your studies?

The professors here are really hyped about their subjects. I have ADHD so having super enthusiastic teachers helps to keep me engaged. They’re also incredibly supportive.

What have you been up to beyond academic study?

In first year I joined DramaSoc and was invited to join the exec. Being on an exec is great because you get to be part of the decision making. It’s also a good way to make new friends and get more involved.

"I love the green campus, there’s a place for everything, from loud and exciting events to quiet hideaways where you can go to get things done."

And you’re building a rocket?

Yes! I joined the Aerospace club. It’s not my subject area but friends in the club said there’s always a place for good writers. I’m part of a team of five. We’re building a smaller rocket which we plan to launch so we can get our Level 1 Rocketry certification.

Any other highlights of the UC experience?

I love the green campus, especially after living in a desert! There’s a place for everything, from loud and exciting events to quiet hideaways where you can go to get things done. I enjoy the mix of modern and heritage buildings – and I love the fact that there are cafés everywhere!

Would you recommend UC?

For sure, especially for people who are still exploring what they want to do. I have friends who have changed majors three times and that’s okay. UC is a place where you can pursue your current interests as well as develop passions you never thought you’d have.