Rishi. Business Management.

You’re originally from India – what brought you to UC to study?

Since childhood I’ve dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. I launched a yoga and meditation company in Europe and then after that I started another company in Canada with a primary focus of importing automotive parts. I believe in lifelong learning with consciousness. So, after running them for some time, I realised I need to learn more about business management so I’m here to upgrade my skills.

How has UC supported your entrepreneurial spirit?

I can say with certainty that UC has boosted my entrepreneurial spirit to the next level. I went to UCE with an idea to create a hot food vending machine for people studying or working late on campus. They gave me lots of helpful insights and suggestions on how to turn my idea into reality.

What do you enjoy most about your studies here?

So much of our learning is practical. Our classes aren't just about reading books. We’re given real-life case studies to analyse and have to come up with our own solutions. Then we discuss our thinking as a class. I believe that's really important because it challenges us to think further and deeper.

Does UC connect you to industry too?

The networking opportunities at UC are amazing. From guest speakers to student events, there are lots of opportunities to meet people. For example, I recently got chance to meet the Indian High Commissioner. It gives you greater perspective to get a grasp of other people’s views, as well as opening the door to industry connections.

"It gives you greater perspective to get a grasp of other people’s views, as well as opening the door to industry connections."

What else have you been up to on campus?

I’m managing a chapter of Startup Grind which is empowered by Google for Startups. It's a community of 3.5 million entrepreneurs worldwide. We have had two events and had a turnover of over 100 students in total. It’s a great way to connect with other young entrepreneurs. I also joined the Student Volunteer Army. We do community focused things like helping schools and clean up after a storm, cleaning beaches, planting trees.

Doing hands-on things is a good feeling. I’m a regional council member of UN Youth where we empower and educate youth regarding general pressing matters around the globe to make world a better place.

Best thing you've gained in your time at UC?

World-class confidence. I used to be extremely introverted and scared of giving presentations. I was always a ‘backstage guy’. Here at UC, I’ve participated in lots of case studies and challenges which have motivated me to speak up and the confidence to do so. It’s been a life changing experience for me.

How would you sum up UC?

UC is really good for your own self-development. Every student is considered special and the whole team here does their best to support us. UC provides everything you need – connections and opportunities, community service and brilliant learning. Whatever you need, it’s here.