Frequently Ask Questions

What does the app do?
UCGO combines a number of tools students use daily into a user-friendly app. See functionality above.

How do I download the app?
Simply search UCGO in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Or open this page on your phone and click the button above.

If I am having trouble downloading UCGO, who can help?
Staff at the IT Service Desk in the Central Library (Puaka-James Hight) can help you to download UCGO.

Can I personalise the app on my phone?
You can rearrange tiles to make the ones you use more often easier to find. You can also turn off functions you don’t use – simply click Arrange at the bottom of UCGO’s homepage. Any changes you make to one device will be transferred to all devices you use to log into UCGO.

Will I receive a lot of push notifications through UCGO?
No, push notifications are only be sent if there is a campus-wide emergency. We encourage users to keep push notifications activated.

Can staff download and use UCGO?
UC staff can download and log into UCGO. There is now a staff dedicated profile that staff can log into using there staff log in details.

Will I be able to log into my staff email using UCGO?
Staff email ( accounts cannot be accessed using UCGO currently.

What will happen to the UC Finder app?
In time UC Finder will be removed, but you can access campus maps on UCGO.

Why does UCGO require permission to access to photos/media/files and camera on Android devices?
Downloading UCGO on Android requires permission for photos/media/files to support saving documents for offline review. Camera permission is required to support QR functionality.

Does UCGO collect any personal information from my device?
The UCGO app complies with UC’s Privacy Policy. It does not gather any personal information which is not directly related to functionality within the app. 

If you have any feedback on UCGO, please contact