A New History: The University of Canterbury 1873–2023

Take a deep dive into UC's storied history in this specially-released book.

In 2023 the readers of this book will be separated by a century and a half of change from the world in which Henry Tancred and his contemporaries established Canterbury College, the institution from which UC evolved. 

A constant across this period is the University's commitment to knowledge and learning. In this book, Dr John Wilson explores UC's storied history via two main topics: the enduring debate over the purpose of the university; and Aotearoa's unique bicultural environment, taking UC as a mirror for the changing nature of New Zealand society. The over-arching theme is a consideration of the 150-year relationship between tertiary education and community. The result is a revealing history of exceptional people. Wilson follows UC's evolution through the 20th century as it developed in lockstep with New Zealand society. He examines the University's resilience and development over the past 20 years in response to challenges such as the Canterbury earthquakes, and most recently its efforts to engage with tangata whenua and Pacific peoples - efforts which, he says, pre-figure a post-colonial university world. 

This will be a richly illustrated, case-bound volume, designed by Aaron Beehre, published by Canterbury University Press. 

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