Endowed Research Fund

UC's proud tradition of research

UC’s research reputation has grown steadily, driven by our pioneering spirit and our hunger  for excellence and innovation. For nearly 150 years, our academics and students have discovered, invented, proved, disproved, challenged and created.

Home to more than 40 recognised research centres, institutes and labs, UC’s research solves real world problems, benefits Aotearoa New Zealand and contributes to the world’s store

of fundamental knowledge. From earthquake resilience to rocketry, ancient artefacts to futuristic foods and criminal minds to the secret lives of killer whales, UC is at the forefront of original research that benefits real people.

UC students are taught and supervised by academics who are research leaders in their respective fields and who regularly receive national and international recognition for their work. Our research programmes reach across UC’s five colleges – Arts; Business and Law; Education, Health and Human Development; Engineering  and Science – where they are already shaping  the future of technology and applied science; artificial intelligence; disruptive technologies; and health and wellbeing; and cutting-edge contemporary art.

Why an endowed research fund?

UC needs your support to build a research fund that will help our academics and students deliver on well-defined research goals. The fund will enable UC to take on ambitious research projects that break new ground, generate original knowledge and lead the way in innovation. This research will enhance UC’s reputation globally so we continue to attract the best scholars and students now and in the future.

The reality is research costs money and the funding allocated through competitive research grants doesn’t always cover all project costs.

The Endowed Research Fund will complement UC’s existing endowment for teaching (The Erskine Programme) and a number of endowed scholarship funds available across all UC colleges and at many levels of study.

How the endowed research fund will work

As an endowed fund, the capital will remain protected so the fund can exist in perpetuity for use by future UC academics and students. Income generated from the capital will be drawn off the fund each year and used for strategic research projects.

Academics and students from across UC may be able to apply for funding, which can be used to match competitive funding grants, and PhD Scholarships or to initiate research projects where there is no other funding source available. 

The Endowed Research Fund has already received support from alumni and friends of UC. We appreciate the generosity of these kind donors.

Our research plays an important role in answering some of the world's big questions, solving critical problems related to our society and our furture world view.