The University of Canterbury Climate Impact Fund

A fund for the future.


The goal of the Climate Impact Fund (The Fund) is to support and enable innovative and creative action to minimise and mitigate the impacts of climate change on people in Canterbury, New Zealand, and the Pacific.

The Fund supports projects and initiatives that may not otherwise occur and supports action at all scales from community initiatives to larger national and regional projects. The Fund embraces the importance of working with and within communities to achieve meaningful, sustained impact.

Support from the Climate Impact Fund will be available to a wide range of projects including but not limited to

  • Public awareness and education
  • Technology deployment
  • Community adaptation
  • Poetic, Musical and Artistic initiatives
  • New venture creation (both for-profit and social enterprise)

“I have confidence that with urgency, empathy, science, humility and passion we will make the world more sustainable and more inclusive. Much is being done but much more needs to be done, and done today, because tomorrow may be too late.”

Dr Rod Carr
Climate Change Commissioner & Climate Impact Fund Patron