Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities

Home to the Logie Collection - a teaching and research collection of artefacts from Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Near Eastern cultures for students and academics, primary and secondary schools, and the general public. 

The Logie Collection is the best collection of such artefacts in the Southern Hemisphere, and admittance to the museum is free to the public. Since it opened in 2017, the Teece Museum has seen more than 60,000 people pass through its doors. 

The museum also hosts a number of activities for schools to bring the ancient world to life for learners in Waitaha Canterbury. 

Through donating towards the Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities, you will be supporting these educational activities as well as the maintenance and ongoing upkeep of the many sculptures, mosaics, and the other artefacts in the Logie Collection.  

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Participants from Children's university at the Teece Museum of classical Antiquities