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You can ensure that UC continues to provide a world-class learning experience to students and vital services in our community. From experiences outside the curriciulum for students in primary and high schools, to making sure that our facilities are well-equipped to foster a modern 21st century learning environment, your donation will empower UC to strengthen our ties to our communities and lay the foundations for the future. 

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Support Team UC at Spaceport America Cup

Support a team of UC students as they pit themselves against the best of their peers internationally in a competition that showcases the best young talent in the aerospace industry.

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Children's University: Passports of Learning

Te Mātāpuna Mātātahi | Children’s University

A partnership between UC and Lincoln University, this programme connects students from primary and high schools with learning oppportunities outside of the curriculum to develop a lifelong love of learning. 

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Students in UCMeXL programme

UCMeXL - Pasifika outreach and mentoring programme

A mentoring and study programme for Pasifika students who are sitting NCEA exams to help them achieve their full potential and encourage them to pursue higher education.

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The Family Programme at the Pukemanu Centre

Pukemanu Centre for Child and Family Psychology Services

Run by UC's child and Family Psychology Programme, the Centre provides assistance for parents, whānau and caregivers concerned about their child's behaviour, social and/or emotional development. 

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Teece Museum

Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities

Free to the public, the Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities is the largest collection of ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Near Eastern artefacts in the Southern Hemisphere. The museum also runs educational programmes for primary and high school students. 

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Quake City - Otakaro image

CEISMIC Earthquake Digital Archive

A world-class online archive of stories, images, and media from the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury Earthquakes, serving as a repository for future generations to look back on to understand our shared experiences as Cantabrians. 

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Civil Engineering structural

The Class of '69 Civil Fund

Established as a legacy for the future, this fund was set up to help elevate the importance of communications within the engineering profession and beyond and to make supportive inputs to current reviews of the construction industry. 

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