Park and Paulay Fund

The Park and Paulay fund was established at the University of Canterbury in 2010 in memory of Professors Bob Park and Tom Paulay to recognise their outstanding contributions to the fields of structural and earthquake engineering in New Zealand and internationally. 

The fund is used to support: 

  • The Park and Paulay Undergraduate Scholarship
  • The Park and Paulay Third Professional Earthquake Engineering Prize
  • The Park and Paulay Distinguished Lecture series. 

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Through donating to the Park and Paulay Fund, you can encourage young engineers to develop into professionals who will contribute strongly to the fields of structural and earthquake engineering. 

Student analysing stress fractures on a concrete pillar in the Structural Engineering Lab.

Professor Bob Park

Civil Engineering Department, University of Canterbury
1959 to 1999

Professor Bob Park made an enormous contribution to earthquake and structural engineering through his work at the University of Canterbury, achieving international acclaim and many prestigious awards for his work. 

Together with Professor Tom Paulay, he helped Neew Zealand to achieve international recognition for its earthquake engineering research and design skills. 

Professor Park served as Head of the Department of Civil Engineering from 1978 and 1992, and was Deputy Vice Chancellor from 1993 until he retired in 1999. As Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering, he remained active in engineering and administrative work until his death in 2004. 

Bob Park made major contributions to the development of design standards for reinforced concrete structures in New Zealand, the USA, and Europe. His work influenced codes in other countries, notably Japan. 

Professor Park was much admired by all who knew him, and especially his students and former students, for his capacity for hard work, his ability to define practical engineering solutions and his abiliyt to relate to people professionally and socially. 


Professor Tom Paulay

Civil Engineering Department, University of Canterbury
1961 to 1989

Professor Tom Paulay had a major influece on approaches to the design of reinforced concrete buildings for earthquake. His theoretical and analytical work at the University of Canterbury was revered around the world. 

Reinforced Concrete Structures, jointly authored with Professor Bob Park and published in 1975, became a valued fundamental text translated into many languages. Professor Paulay was President of the International Association for Earthquake Engineering (IAEE) from 1992 to 1996. In 2008, he was named by the IAEE as one of the legends of earthquake engineering. He continued an active interest in the subject until 2008 and died in 2009. 

Tom Paulay had a major influence on the development of analysis and design standards for reinforced concrete structures in New Zealand and internationally, particularly through his work to develop the concept of capacity design. 

Professor Paulay was a Hungarian refugee who came to New Zealand in 1951. His passion and enthusiastic teaching inspired many students and equipped them well as structural designers. He was much admired for his technical achievements, his high integrity, and his personable manner to all.