UC Endowed Research Fund

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UC Endowed Research Fund

In 2023 the University of Canterbury Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha will celebrate its 150th anniversary. In conjunction with this significant milestone, we have established an Endowed Fund for research at the University of Canterbury, generating income annually, for strategic research in perpetuity. This fund will be the legacy of our 150th anniversary and will be used for ‘blue sky’ research, applied research, and for matching research funding grants.

Research is key to producing solutions to many of our global challenges and UC has an integral role to play in growing this knowledge and helping to solve local and global issues. To do this, we need your help to build resource capacity to support research at UC.

As a country, and as a university, innovation and leadership in developing solutions reside within our DNA. Problem solving and innovation are also part of UC’s culture and heritage. The knowledge and research that we have now were made possible by standing on the shoulders of giants – that is, UC’s earliest staff and students who, together, paved the way.

The more we invest in research, the more compounded knowledge we will grow.

More information about research themes is expected soon.