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“Adan said the other day that his is a ‘world of almost’.
He can almost eat, almost walk, almost see, & almost talk.”

This comment, received in an email from the wife of a 54-year-old stroke patient, poignantly describes the life of many patients who survive an original stroke event, but are left with a life that is markedly changed. This is the challenge of rehabilitation. The University of Canterbury’s Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research | Te Puna Whakaora Rehu Ohotata - is a unique facility that integrates patient care, clinical research, bioengineering device development and student education – and it’s proving to be life-changing for patients with swallowing difficulties.

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Since opening its doors in 2014, the Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research |Te Puna Whakaora Rehu Ohotata has flourished and developed a clear identity and focus – a premiere centre for patient-centred rehabilitation science that prides itself on integrated approaches to solving the complex problems of stroke rehabilitation.  The PERC Programme exemplifies the Centres identity in rehabilitation science. Bringing together the fine minds of Patients, Engineers, Researchers and Clinicians, staff at the Rose Centre ensure that rehabilitation is founded in strong concept, is facilitated by technology that is feasible and affordable for clinical integration and most importantly, serves the purposes for which it was intended – to meet the stated needs of patients with swallowing impairment. 

Intensive rehabilitation for swallowing impairment is offered through specialty clinics, and has given hope of recovery to patients who are unable to eat. This unique approach of intensive outpatient treatment supported by academic expertise using state-of-the-art instrumentation has worldwide recognition, with Cantabrians and patients from as far away as Europe accessing clinical services. Treatment software developed in the centre is now representing New Zealand overseas, with distribution across the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and now Southeast Asia.

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