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As the only Child and Family Psychology Training Centre in Australasia, this centre is changing the lives of families with children whose anxiety and mental health needs are chronic but don’t qualify for immediate support through the public health system. While providing free assessments and interventions to over 730 children and families since 2011.

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UC students are training to become well-rounded, highly qualified Child and Family Psychologists ready to make a difference in their communities. To date, over 100 students have graduated from the  programme, of which 60 have had some training in the clinic.

Brinley Mcintosh was the Centre’s very first intern and was so moved by the important work being done, she has come back to the Pukemanu Centre as a staff member to help guide the next generation of students studying Child and Family Psychology. Brinley says,

“Leaving Pukemanu as a new graduate with such a solid foundation in behavioural interventions, I was able to apply my skillset across various settings. Now that I have returned to Pukemanu, those foundational skills are serving me well again as I am helping our students implement our Bedwetting programme and am also supporting parents with managing challenging behaviours.”

As more families benefit from the often life-changing therapies and treatments offered at the centre, we are forever grateful to hear stories from parents who have witnessed transformations in their own children. Jeannie, whose son John* suffered from chronic bedwetting, has been amazed by this programme and says that is has changed John’s life. 

They had sought support before, but nothing had worked for John until he came to UC. Previously, John had never been able to go to a friend’s to sleep over. Since receiving help, John was able to go on to a sports camp for a week in Tauranga with NO bedwetting! Now, John’s confidence has improved dramatically.

There are many more children like John, whose lives are ready to be changed though the work of Brinley Mcintosh and the rest of the amazing staff and students at the Pukemanu Centre. Your gift has the power to alter the course of a family’s life while also training our next generation of child and family psychologists to go out into the community and make a difference.

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*Names have been changed for privacy