Mate Pāpouri | Depression

It is normal for us all to feel low or sad at times and normally with time and support these feelings resolve. This is not what is meant when we talk about depression. Depression is an illness that can affect our feelings, thoughts and behaviour for a lengthened period of time which can consequently have a significant impact on our sleep, relationships, jobs and appetite.

If you are concerned about yourself please get in touch with your GP or alternatively you can speak with a Student Care advisor who will help you to identify appropriate supports and refer on as needed.

If you would like to access in person support or read about the services available.

If you are concerned about someone you know.

Strategies for keeping well

  • Seek out professional support.
  • Connect with friends and family. Talk to them about what is going on for you and how they can best support you.
  • Eat well. Tips on healthy eating.
  • Stay active. Regular exercise can prevent depression from occurring by reducing symptoms. Learn more about ways that you can stay active here at UC as well the benefits of being active.
  • Avoid illegal drugs as these can aggravate and cause symptoms of depression.
  • Limit your alcohol use. Advice on low-risk drinking.
  • Practice good sleep hygiene. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep a night.
  • Do something that you enjoy that makes you feel good.

Need More Information?

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Need Help?

If you require urgent or crisis mental health care please call Crisis Resolution on 0800 920 092 or dial 111.