UC has a variety of teams that offer a specialised range of support services to help you succeed. Our goal is to make your UC journey easier, by offering personalised advice and assistance to meet your unique needs.

Student Care

The Student Care team offers practical advice for your wellbeing and success as a UC student.

Julie Pratt

Student Care Manager
Forestry 114
Internal Phone: 92635

Craig Forman

Senior Student Care Advisor
Forestry 116
Internal Phone: 93552

Storm Gardner

Student Care Advisor
Sexual Harm Support
Forestry 112
Internal Phone: 90933

Jonie Chang

Senior Student Care International Advisor
Forestry 111
Internal Phone: 93306

Monique Schoneveld

Student Care Advisor
Forestry 125
Internal Phone: 90743

Philippa Cosgrove

Student Care Advisor
Forestry 112
Internal Phone: 90112

Akiaki Ākonga | Student Experience Team

The Student Experience team are involved in university-led initiatives to support student engagement, retention and success.

Jeni Moir

Student Experience Manager
Forestry 106
Internal Phone: 93230

Rose Molina

Student Experience Advisor
Forestry 107
Internal Phone: 93324

Jarred Skelton

Student Experience Advisor
Internal Phone: 90078

Janina Good

Student Experience Advisor
Forestry 106
Internal Phone: 93019