Pasifika Mentoring Programme

The Pasifika Mentoring programme is a one to one peer support programme that is available to all first year at UC Pasifika students. A mentor will keep in contact with you regularly and provide general friendship, advice, and will help connect you to services that may be of use.

When you sign up for a mentor, you can indicate what you would like to be matched on. For example, you may wish to be assigned a mentor who does the same course as you, or who is from the same country as you. We do the very best we can to match you with someone suitable.

All mentors are senior Pasifika students who are provided with support and guidance so they can do a quality job for our new Pasifika students. 

Get involved

  • Sign up for a mentor by clicking here.
  • If you are a continuing student and you would like to mentor a first-year student, sign up here.

For all enquiries please contact:

Tumama Tu'ulua

Kaiurungi Matua Pasifika | Senior Pacific Advisor