Jandals Event Poster

 Jandals (Upcoming event)

Jandals are social evenings organised by students for students. Held two to three times a year, these evenings usually involve a few fun games, quizzes, spot prizes, impromptu entertainment and a lot of very loud laughter!

Jandals is about bringing Pacific students together in a relaxed, comfortable and culturally familiar setting where they can reconnect with ease and be a part of a growing Pacific community on campus. Students are welcome to bring along family members. Students need to regularly check their student email address for more details about upcoming Jandals evenings or use the events search box below.


An orientation event, Get FRESH is a one-day fun-packed programme introducing all first-year Pacific students to UC, designed to give you the best possible start to your first year at university.

It is a great opportunity for students to meet and interact with other students, the Pacific Development Team and other key staff. Students will learn key information and tour the campus with their mentors so you know exactly where to go when lectures start. You will hear from a student panel made up of students who have just completed their first-year of university and we will give you a Get FRESH pack full of cool items you will need for your first few weeks of lectures.

All new Pacific students, including those students transferring from other universities, are required to attend the Get FRESH programme. Morning tea and lunch is provided.


ReFresh is an opportunity for students to reaffirm goals, re-orient to university life and start Semester 1 with your study on track. Some of the topics that will be covered include: How to take notes in class, How to study effectively, Assessment planning, Tips on using the library, Time management and study planning.

Refresh is open to all Pacific students, especially those of you wanting to do even better in Semester One.

Pasifika Welcome Day

To celebrate the start of a new academic year, a Pasifika welcome is held every year on Saturday at the end of the first week of lectures, bringing together all first-year and returning Pacific students and their families. It is a great opportunity for students and family members to hear from key University staff and meet members of the wider Pacific community.

The day opens with a warm welcome by the University and includes student speakers, special presentations and ends with a Pacific buffet lunch. All students, first-year and returning, are invited to attend with their family.

Old Skool Dinners

Old Skool Dinners are social evenings for our mature or adult students, who might like to spend time with other adult students. The dinners are an opportunity for these students to get together, unwind and escape the stress and pressure of exams, research and or writing.

Please note we have no strict definition of what makes a ‘mature’ or ‘adult’ student, so if this feels like it's for you, come along!  

PDT Study Session

To assist students with preparation for their exams, the Pacific Development Team organises study sessions where rooms and computer labs are booked for students to use. Studying with PDT and others is a great way to motivate you to get out of the house, and into university to study! 

Pasifika Graduation Celebration

The Pacific Development Team celebrates UC Pacific Graduates at the Pasifika Graduation Celebration. During the ceremony, Pacific students who have recently graduated are acknowledged by the university and the community in a Pacific celebration for both the graduate and their family.

For dates, times, locations and to register for one of our popular events, see UC Events. You should also watch our social media pages.