Security on campus

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It is important to the University to provide a safe and secure campus for the benefit of every person using it. The University provides a comprehensive security service, however, security must be everyone's concern and you are encouraged to support your campus security staff.
If you have questions or concerns regarding security, please contact Ken McEwen -Manager Security & Campus Community Support, Learning Resources on ext 93776.

The University’s Security Services is located at 114 Ilam Road.

Security Officers patrol the campus 24 hours 7 days a week and provide assistance and support for Students and Staff. All Security staff are trained in First Aid and the use of the University’s Defibrillator in case of cardiac arrest. Officers patrol on foot and by vehicle so expect to see them anywhere at any time.

UC Security Officers are approachable and knowledgeable about the campus. If you are lost or need assistance, please ask one of them for help.

Report any suspicious behaviour on campus to Security, no matter how minor it may appear. Vigilance and prompt reporting help prevent incidents and it might be you or a close friend that you are saving from an unpleasant situation. Advice and help are also available from the Student Health Service.

Things to remember

  • Avoid walking alone at night.
  • Travel with a friend whenever possible.
  • Always use well illuminated walkways and recommended walking routes at night. 
  • Report any unusual behavior to security even the smallest incident. 
  • Ensure that all vehicles are locked when parked.
  • If you are uncomfortable at any time, call the security office on extension 92888, or 0800 823 637 (off Campus or by cell phone) and ask for assistance, it is just good sense to do so.