Incident reporting

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You can help the University to safeguard the campus by reporting all thefts and other incidents. Even if you have informed others, please ensure that University Security is also notified. Students, staff and visitors are encouraged to report any breaches of security on campus. This can be done anonymously, if you prefer.

Statistics prepared from these reports are important for planning improved security arrangements. Information which is useful includes the location of the incident, the number of people involved, environmental factors such as lighting and accessibility of the area.

These records are confidential; If possible, reports should be made in person to the University Security Office at 114 Ilam Road. Alternatively, telephone extension 92888 or 92111 (on campus in an EMERGENCY), or 0800 823 637 (off Campus or by cell phone).

Your safety MUST be your concern as well as ours.

Why should you report an incident?

  • The security of the University community’s property is everyone’s business. 
  • It may be through direct involvement or by observation only. 
  • By reporting an incident you will be assisting our security division in monitoring problems that occur on campus and introduce where necessary procedures to minimize any reoccurrence. 
  • Remember your report could be the last part [the missing part] of a bigger problem or puzzle.

What should I report?

  • All incidents of DISHONESTY
  • All Incidents of VIOLENCE
  • Any property DAMAGE
  • Any SUSPICIOUS activity

Remember the Police will require the following information to assist in any enquiries or investigation:

  • Serial numbers 
  • Colour 
  • Make & Model 
  • Cost 
  • Witness if any & Contact details 
  • Mobile Phone IMEI Number

How do I report?

To report any incident on Campus just drop into the Security Office situated at 114 Ilam Road.

You will need to complete an Incident Form. This is used by the University Security Services.

Security Officers will advise you on what to do next.

If you report any incident to Security over the phone you will be required to come to the Security Office and complete an Incident Form at your earliest convenience.

If you are a staff member, you can report an Incident or Safety Observation in the H&S Reporting System, called Assura. 

Staff: click on the below links to report something

UC Emergency Response Plan

The University has a comprehensive emergency plan and details of which can be viewed on the .

Canterbury Card

Do not lend your Canterbury Card. It is for your sole use. Report it immediately if you lose it and remember, the card remains the property of the University and it can be confiscated if you misuse it.

You must be able to prove you are a staff member or student if you are requested by security staff. Your Canterbury Card is the most effective way to do this so carry it with you at all times.

If you need help or advice, ask the Security staff.

Where is the Security Office?

The is located at 114 Ilam Road.