Building access

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Building access is managed to provide protection to the University community and property whilst continuing to assist in the provision of an open, safe, comfortable and efficiently run environment that contributes towards meeting the teaching and research objectives of the University.

Facilities Services has the responsibility to co-ordinate and manage access control throughout the University through the access coordinator - Security EXT 92888

Individual College access approvers are responsible for access approvals in those areas directly administered by their College / Department / School. If additional access is required, an approval form must be completed by the College / Department or School access approver before access is given.

The Access-Coordinator-Security may override any decision to approve access i.e. For Security reasons, to meet Health & Safety requirements or to comply with Statutory or University regulations.

Restricted access

Areas that have been classified as sensitive or requiring restrictive control and monitoring for compliance or other security reasons are not included in the General Access approval process.

Building Access Policy

From the UC Policy Library (Building Access Policy, PDF 69 KB)

What access do I get?

  • Students - Your access is dependant on your course requirements and those accesses are preset and uploaded when your Canterbury Card is issued. These access approvals are only valid during the academic terms and expire at the end of the year.
  • Staff - Your access requirements are agreed by the employing College/School/Academic facility or service department and the required access is preset and uploaded when your Canterbury Card is issued.

After-hours access

Security officers are not permitted to open any department/ area for use unless the activity has been scheduled through room bookings and the designated staff supervisor is present.

I forgot my Canterbury Card, what do I do?

If you have come to campus after hours without your card and are unable to gain access, contact Security Services on ext. 92888. You will be required to prove who you are and if you have approved access to the area, so do not be surprised or annoyed. This is done for your protection and the protection of the University.

Requests for assistance with access

Security staff are not permitted to admit a student, staff member or visitor to an area to which they do not have approved access, without the appropriate Access Approver's written authority.

What if I need additional access?

Additional Access will only be granted with the approval of the Access Approver for that building/area.

All requests for visitor or additional building access to be loaded onto your Canterbury card must be submitted on the appropriate building access form and be approved by your Access Approver.