Student Care

The Student Care team offers practical advice for your wellbeing and success as a UC student.

Student Care

Level 1
Forestry Building

Tel: +64 3 369 3388
Internal Phone: 93388



Julie Pratt

Student Care Manager
Forestry 114
Internal Phone: 92635

Craig Forman

Senior Student Care Advisor
Forestry 116
Internal Phone: 93552

Alex Gosteva

Senior Student Care Advisor
Forestry 113
Internal Phone: 93625

Jonie Chang

Senior Student Care International Advisor
Forestry 111
Internal Phone: 93306

Storm Geldenhuis

Student Care Advisor
Sexual Harm Coordinator
Forestry 112
Internal Phone: 90933

Monique Schoneveld

Student Care Advisor
Forestry 125
Internal Phone: 90743