Sexual assault

UC takes the issue of sexual assault and supporting victims of sexual assault seriously. If you would like to understand more about sexual assault and consent, click here.

If it has just happened on campus then:

  • If you are able to, get to a place where you will be safe
  • Call Security 0800 823 637 by cellphone or 6111 from a telephone on campus
  • You can also contact Security from one of 13 Help Towers, located on campus, identifiable by a blue light. If you contact Security from a Help Tower, they will know where you are and come and help.

If you need support or advice we’re here to help:

UC Health Centre
(03) 369 4444

Student Care
(03) 369 3388
Call in to Level 2 Puaka - James Hight Building

Support in the community

There are a number of sexual assault support services in the community that can provide specialist help for victims of sexual assault. It is possible you may also feel you need more information and /or support, before you speak to Police or that you don’t feel like reporting the assault to the Police (we would encourage you to contact them, you can talk to them without making a formal complaint). These services can help you.

New Zealand Police also provide helpful, supportive advice on:

  • sexual assault if it has just happened,
  • reporting sexual assault after it has happened - even days, weeks, months or years after the assault.

Read more here.

You may like to watch a series of videos from New Zealand Police which is about the journey of reporting a sexual assault.