Community support

Sometimes we need specialist help and support from outside the University. Whether you want to talk to someone at the University as a starting point or approach community groups directly, it's important to get help.

In crisis? If anyone is in immediate danger or is injured, dial 111 immediately.

  • 111 is the emergency number for when people are seriously injured or in danger, there is serious risk to property, a crime is being or has just been committed and the offenders are nearby.
  • Dial 111 on any phone and ask for the service that is needed most urgently (Fire, Ambulance, or Police).
  • For non-critical medical situations, visit the Christchurch Hospital After-Hours/Emergency, a 24 hour doctor, or your local doctor.
  • For non-emergency police support, contact your local area’s Community Constable or contact Christchurch Central, phone +64 3 363 7400, 68 St Asaph Street.


Are you for someone close to you struggling with addiction? You don't have to struggle alone.


There are a number of community organisations available for advice and support.

Family violence

No one should be frightened of their partner or someone in their family. Find out how to get help for yourself and others.


Other community groups and services that are here to help.