Year 13 High School students

Finishing high school and starting university is an exciting time of your life. Get some insight into the options available to you at UC.

The UC Liaison Office

The team in the Liaison Office provides a link between the University and intending first-time students.

 We can provide future students with information about:

  • The university system and the courses and qualifications we offer
  • What school subjects are the best preparation for UC degrees
  • What courses are required or are the best for UC degrees
  • Any enrolment questions you may have

 We visit schools around the country and work with senior students and their teachers as well as attend careers expos and events around New Zealand. 

Contact the Liaison Office:

Liaison Office
Freephone in New Zealand 0800 VARSITY (827 748)
Phone +64 3 369 3393

Level 3, Matariki

Choosing what to study at university

Choosing what to study at university can be difficult, particularly when you have no experience of some subject areas at school.While you are researching, you should also think about your skills, interests and the values that are important to you.

There are a number of ways to familiarise yourself with the options available at UC. 

Search qualifications and courses

Search Qualifications and courses or browse subjects which all have information about study opportunities.

Browse UC publications

UC also has a wide variety of publications it produces regularly to give you all the details you need about UC in one place. See the many of UC's helpful brochures in the Publications A-Z

Explore subjects you enjoy

Or you can explore how the subjects you like at school might translate to subjects you might like to study at UC with this PDF:

Or use our tool below:

Explore your career options

You might want to study a degree that will help you to get a particular job. Some roles, like engineers or lawyers demand a specific degree. Te Rōpū Rapuara | UC Careers also have some great career development tools to help you on your way. The what can I do with a degree from UC section is a great way to delve into different career options by subject. 

You can browse our Student profiles by subject by subject or qualification to get an idea of what people do with their UC degrees. 

There are also interactive tools and resources available on the internet that can get you started thinking broadly about careers that might suit you:

Adjusting to university life

In contrast to high school, you will need to be more proactive about attendance, study habits and interacting with staff and other students. Your fellow students come from all around New Zealand, and from more than 100 other countries. You’ll be surrounded by students and staff of all ages, ranging from 17 to over 80.

The Student Support Team is available to help you with this adjustment so you do not have to struggle through alone.

Responsibility for your own learning

You will often only have 12 to 15 contact hours per week (depending on the qualification you are studying towards). The rest of the time you are expected to do background reading, research, lab/studio work or writing and revising.

As well as lectures, you may need to attend tutorials and labs to pass a course, but it is your responsibility to turn up.

You are expected to approach staff such as lecturers and tutors, as well as specialist support teams like Student Support if you need help. You need to keep track of assignment due dates and times for lectures and tutorials. No one checks up or reminds you of due dates or tells you where to find information.

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