Year 11 and 12 High School students

If you're in Year 11 or 12 at high school and are thinking about UC, you can find all the support and information you need here.

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The UC Liaison Office

The Liaison Office should be your first point of contact if you are considering studying at UC. The Liaison Office can help you make an informed decision about your study options by answering your questions and explaining anything you don't understand.

In particular the Liaison Office can help you with information such as:

  • School subjects that will give you the best preparation for UC degrees
  • Subjects you might enjoy studying at university
  • Whether to take part in a high school exchange or a gap year

To be shown around our beautiful campus and to check out your options for student accommodation, we recommend you book a campus tour.

Contact the Liaison Office:

Liaison Office
Freephone in New Zealand 0800 VARSITY (0800 827 748)
Phone +64 3 369 3393

Level 3, Matariki

Choosing subjects at school

Before you get to Year 13 it's important to know the school subjects you need to take if you're thinking about studying certain subjects at UC.  

If you are not sure what you might want to study at university, the subject guide on this page may help you decide. Once you've identified what you want to study after school, this will help inform your subject selections at school.

Make sure you meet the entry requirements

Some career paths and degrees have recommended pathways from school. Some qualifications and first year undergraduate courses, also known as 100-level, require a particular NCEACambridge International Examinations and A (A2) Levels or International Baccalaureate Diploma achievement. 

Check the entry requirements for both the courses and qualifications you are interested in. It is also very important that you take at least four or five UE approved subjects.

Most subjects do not require any specific background from school. For other subjects it may take you longer to complete the degree without the suggested background. For all subjects and qualifications at university, you need to be competent in written and spoken English. Subjects such as English, Classical Studies, History, Geography or Economics can give you those transferable skills.

Preparatory courses

If you don't have a strong background in certain subjects then  courses are available each summer which may help you.

Best preparation by qualification

Discover recommendations for the subjects you should study at school to prepare for your qualification of choice:

More information

It's also a good idea to talk to your school Careers Advisor or the Liaison Office about how you can best prepare for university study.