UniLife Teams

You don’t live in the halls and want to make the most of your UC experience by joining UniLife Teams? Fabulous!

By registering for UniLife Teams you are committing to

  • being an active member of your team,
  • come to the catch-ups and events,
  • pitch in with ideas for activities you do with your team,
  • and respond to your Kaitaki Ākonga | Student Leaders when they check in with you.

There are limited spaces on UniLife Teams, so it’s first come, first served.

Sounds good? Great! Please fill in form below and your Kaitaki Ākonga will be in touch with you soon 😊

Please note that registrations for our UniLife undergrad teams are closed now for semester one and your application will be wait-listed until semester 2. Alternatively, check out UC Mentoring.

Postgrad students’ registrations are accepted all year round.