Cycling, driving and public transport

The UC campus is conveniently located and is a quick cycle or drive from most parts of the city. 

Students on bikes, cyclists, cycling


Christchurch is the city of cycling, with more people biking here than any other city in New Zealand. Road rules in New Zealand may be very different to those in your home country.

Before cycling in New Zealand, read the official New Zealand code for cyclists. It is a user-friendly guide to New Zealand’s traffic law and safe cycling practices. These apply to cyclists as well as those using motor vehicles. The rules help you to prevent crashes and reduce risk of injury.


Owning a car

Owning your own car can provide you with the freedom and independence to travel around New Zealand. Most New Zealand university students find that it is too expensive to own a car. Think very carefully before buying one, because there will be additional costs like registration fees, insurance, vehicle testing fees, petrol and parking.

Car Insurance

It is important to have at least third party car insurance if you plan to drive in New Zealand. If you have an accident and cause damage to another vehicle, it may be very expensive if you do not have car insurance.

Driver's licences in New Zealand

If you have a current and valid overseas driver's licence or an international driving permit, you can drive in New Zealand for a maximum of 12 months from the date you arrive in New Zealand.

However, your home licence must be in English. If it is not in English, you must carry an accurate translation. More information about driving in New Zealand can be found on the New Zealand Transport Agency website.

Public transport

Christchurch is well served by a comprehensive public transport network. As well as the planes, trains and coaches that bring people to and from Christchurch, the city provides a range of bus services for those living in or visiting the city.

Metro operates the bus services in the Christchurch area and their website provides comprehensive information on fares, timetables and routes.

A temporary bus interchange is operating in central Christchurch, restoring cross-city bus routes and significantly reducing travel times for passengers. Central Station is located near the corner of Lichfield and Colombo streets.