New career, new business, new future.

Getting to know Zoë Haws
Master of Audiology

Zoë Haws

What made you decide to get your Master of Audiology?

I grew up with a deaf sibling which had a big influence on me. I’ve decided to retrain as an audiologist because I wanted to make a tangible difference to people's lives.

What do you like best about your programme?

I like the mix of theory, research and clinical work. There's lots of diversity in what we do. I'm also developing my own business.

Wow, what's your business about?

It's an online, communication skills game for deaf children. It started out as a class assignment. I developed it further through a business competition called “Bootcamp” which is part of the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship. I won the competition and now I have a website as well as developers, illustrators and potential buyers all lined up.

Awesome! What did you learn from your Bootcamp experience?

I learned that I could be an entrepreneur. I came to UC to become a clinical audiologist but through entrepreneurialism I’ve been able to tackle the same issues in a different way. I hadn’t thought of myself as an entrepreneur until now!

How have you found coming back as a ‘mature’ student?

It’s been really exciting coming back to uni. I think there are a lot more opportunities for innovation and commercialisation now. I also really enjoy being in Christchurch. It's dynamic and people are doing some really creative things.

What does a degree from UC mean for your future?

I can't overstate how massive it is. Retraining at my age is a really big deal. The job security in audiology was a big attraction for me. I already have a job lined up for when I graduate. Taking two years out of the workforce is really scary, so to have that sorted is awesome.

How do you feel about having taken the plunge?

I sold my apartment in Wellington and left all my friends behind to come here. It was a big leap. But now I've got my dream career ahead of me. It's been one of the hardest things I’ve done but I'm so stoked I did it!