Brave Step. Big Reward.

Getting to know Vicki Gibb
Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)

Vicki Gibb

How are you enjoying your marketing studies so far?

I’m really loving the variety. It’s a big change from teaching preschool! Becoming a student again has been challenging, but I've really enjoyed waking my brain up. I'm experiencing new things and discovering a new sense of success. It's really exciting – and nice to know the brain cells are still firing!

You started your journey to UC with CUP. What’s that?

CUP is an introductory programme for people who have been out of study for a long time or are studying something new. I didn't have any accounting background so I did CUP to get up to speed with high school level accounting and economics. It was a difficult, intense course but it was exactly what I needed to get back into study.

What difference did CUP make for you?

It gave me the skills I needed before I started uni so I could hit the ground running. I also did really well in it. I got best in course! That gave me a lot of confidence and I knew I’d be able to cope with what I was going into.

Best thing about studying at UC?

Gaining more understanding of the world. Now, when they talk about the Official Cash Rate on the news I know what they’re talking about. I’ve been able to dig deeper into how things work and had the chance to pause and think. It’s such a reward to have time in life to seek out new knowledge.

What else are you up to at UC?

I mentor two students as part of the UC mentoring programme. I’ve showed them around campus and we email about study and chat about how things are going. For them, it's about having someone to turn to who’s been through it before. For me, it’s a way of giving back to UC in gratitude for the opportunity it's given me.

Have you felt a shift on a personal level in your time here?

My confidence has gone up and I’m excited to try new things. When I was a preschool teacher I was always telling the kids to be brave, but I wasn't living that myself. Now I’m following my own advice, trying something new and scary, and succeeding at it. It's a great feeling!

What does it feel like to be a student at UC?

I love the campus for a start. It’s full of gardens and every corner you turn there’s another café. There are so many beautiful study spaces. The students and staff are warm and welcoming too. It's nice to chat to people who are all at different stages in life. There’s plenty of opportunity to find other people who match where you’re at.

What’s it like being a mature student?

It’s made me feel young again! I thought it might make me feel ancient, being surrounded by young people, but I’ve found that I’m seeing the world through new eyes. It’s exciting to be at the beginning stages of something.

Are there any advantages to being a mature student?

I’m definitely more organised. It helps that I can remember a time before computers... I know how to use a pen! I think being a mature student gives you an added respect for learning. You value it because it's something you've chosen to do.

Best piece of advice for others thinking about making a change like yours?

Make sure the timing is right for you and that you have a good support network in place. When exams are on you need be able to switch off from regular life and hone in on that study. It helps to have your priorities sorted out, and to know what you want to get out of study.