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Getting to know Steve Backe-Hansen
Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership

Steve Backe Hansen

What lead you to a Postgrad Certificate in Strategic Leadership?

I work in digital strategy and transformation. Over the years I’ve taken on more leadership roles and I felt this was a good opportunity to upskill. This course of study gives you a chance to step back and look at how you work with other people. You become aware of what you do well and what you could do better.

Are you still working full time?

Yes. One drawcard of this course is the fact that you can still work full-time. It’s made up of “block courses” so you’re only off work one day a month. 90% of us work full-time. There’s a hugely varied range of people. It's very sociable. I really enjoy mixing with new people and learning about their backgrounds.

How is this programme helping you grow?

For me, it’s about personal and professional development. We cover everything from change management to strategy and beyond, so you can become a more effective and well-rounded leader. You also get to reflect inwardly on your approach and how others perceive you. It helps you to understand yourself better.

Have the lecturers been inspiring?

Their commercial backgrounds are impressive. They’re professional consultants who come in and give us these incredible workshops. What they teach you is what works in a real-world environment. I’ve already implemented what I’ve learned with my team and it’s made a real difference.

Have your eyes been opened in any unexpected ways?

I've come away keen to do more study. I hadn't expected that, I thought I would just do this one-year programme and be done. But it's shown me how much more there is to learn and it's given me the drive and determination to carry on with my MBA.

Any advice for others wanting to take their career to the next level?

This certificate is a fantastic way for people to further themselves through education. It grows your skill set and gives you the vision to see how you can improve. I couldn't recommend it more. Just give it a crack and see how much you can learn. In a busy day you don't get much opportunity to reflect, and that's what this course gives you.

How are you finding the work/life balance?

It is a bit of a challenge. I have two kids under the age of three and I’ve still managed to do it – with the help of a supportive wife, of course! But they structure the courses with busy lives in mind. It's definitely manageable.