New Career Ahead.

Getting to know Sam Broad
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary)

Sam Broad

What was your journey to UC?

After high school I didn't know what I wanted to do. I ended up in construction, but after five years I was tired of the hours and lack of appreciation. A friend suggested teaching. I thought I might struggle because I never got UE. But I found something I actually wanted to do and that motivated me. Now I've got less than six months to go!

What do you love most about teaching?

I love seeing the progress of each student. Even on placement you can see a huge change. They go from ‘I don't know’ to giving me hard questions. I've had parents thank me and say that the work I've done has changed their child. It's been incredible. That kind of feedback isn’t something you get in construction!

Favourite aspect of your studies?

Our class is a really tight group because we go through the whole programme together. For me, the best thing about UC has been meeting people and making friends.

Do you feel like part of the group even though you’ve been in the workforce?

At first I was a bit daunted about being slightly older, but it's a really mature crowd. There are people younger and older than me. I’m seen as a bit of an adviser. There are lots of small things I’ve lived through and I get to pass my insight onto others.

How have you grown or changed at UC?

I've definitely matured. In construction you just show up and do what you're told. I have to do a lot more thinking now! I've learnt more about myself at UC than in all the years since I left high school. I've also learnt about New Zealand's bicultural history. I’ve gained an awareness that's changed my viewpoints, and that’s something I want to continue developing.

Three years of study is a big commitment. How do you feel for taking the plunge?

Really, really good. I had other mates who were sick of what they were doing. But it was all just talk. I decided to do it. I figured, worst-case scenario I spend a year at uni but I have a good time doing it. Best case scenario, I set myself up for a new career. UC has been hugely fun and rewarding. I’m so glad I gave it a go.