Realising her Lifelong Dream.

Getting to know Gillian Rivers
Studying Music

Gillian Rivers

Why did you choose to study Music?

I’ve been fascinated with music and performance since I was a child. Sadly I was unable to pursue art as a child in China due to the cultural revolution. Now that I’m retired and able to study what I want, I’ve enrolled in music. I like singing, the cucurbit bamboo flute and the percussion.

Why did you choose UC?

My son gained his degree at UC so I already knew it was a great school. In terms of music, UC has an excellent reputation. It has a high level of teaching, leading equipment and I feel confident that the knowledge I’m gaining is up to an internationally recognised standard.

What’s been the favourite part of your studies so far?

My favourite part has been the UC Chamber Choir. My classmates are lovely and the teacher always smiles with such enthusiasm and kindness. I’m learning new skills that I’ve never been taught before. Thursday evenings are the happiest moments in my UC life!

Any other highlights you’d like to share?

After our first concert performance, my husband said ‘I’m very proud of my wife Gillian.’ Academically, a highlight for me has been the computer labs. Under the guidance of music technology teachers I’ve learned to use software to edit new music and write musical scores. It gives me the freedom and ability to create.

Have you felt supported and included at UC?

There is a lot of amazing support here – the lecturers and professors, the staff at the Academic Skills Centre, and the Student Services team. Everyone is really inclusive. I’ve been blown away by how kind, helpful and talented the younger students are. Age is not an obstacle. As long as you keep your original ambition in mind, you can realise your dream at UC.

How has coming to UC impacted your life?

At UC, you not only gain the most cutting-edge knowledge in the world, you get to feel energised and happy amongst others. It’s taken me a lifetime to get back to studying what I love, and I cherish the chance to be here. I’ve found myself, and my heart feels young again. My life has become more colourful since coming to UC.