Experience behind. Potential ahead.

Getting to know Daniel Himsel
Bachelor of Laws

Daniel Himsel

What sparked your decision to study law at UC?

I'd never been to university before. I was an auto electrician since the day I left school, 30 years ago. After I sold my business I was in limbo. I’ve always had a thirst for knowledge and an interest in business, so I decided to study law. My LLB is like my own personal Mount Everest. I'm in my third year now, and I love it!

What’s it like as an older student?

People used to think I was a lecturer at the start. I've got a really good bunch of friends – most of them haven't even had their 21st yet! But now that they know me, they treat me the same as anybody else. They’re all really good people and hugely supportive.

Are there any advantages to coming into the workforce with more years behind you?

Absolutely. At the firm where I'm interning right now most of the clients are around my age and up. They like the fact that they’re dealing with someone more mature. I can relate to where they're at in life.

What do you enjoy most about your classes and lecturers?

They’re informative and everyone there is genuinely interested. The lecturers are really engaging and have a great knowledge base. UC is a great place to study law because our lecturers are the ones who write the books for everybody else!

What you enjoy most about being a “lifelong learner”?

It feels good to think, “I now know more than I did before”. I think learning expands your mind and makes you much more receptive to new ideas. My memory is better, my reading is faster. It keeps your brain fit, and it's been really refreshing to move into a different stage of life.

Any tips for students making the transition back to study?

Be open-minded. It is scary when you start, but those nerves will disappear when you gain the respect of your fellow students. I’m 52, and I do get the odd sideways glance. But now that people know me, they just think “Oh, he's all right.” We all have a common goal and a common interest, so the barriers have dropped. It just takes a bit of time to adjust.