New Journey. New Confidence.

Getting to know Abi Borrows
Bachelor of Laws

Abi Borrows

What were you doing before coming to study at UC?

I‘d been working in insurance for 11 years. It was my first job out of high school and I’d just stayed in it. After the earthquakes I worked as a claims advocate and absolutely loved it. I had to negotiate and try to get good settlements for people. It was like "mini law". From there I became an insurance broker for two years, but it just wasn't me at all.

What finally motivated you to change direction?

I came to a point where knew I needed to either suck it up and stay on a path I wasn't really enjoying, or do something different. I decided to do go with different.

How are you finding law… challenging? exciting?

It's definitely both of those things! I’ve found a cool group of mature students who are all in the same boat. We've got a great sense of camaraderie. Once you've found people you connect with, being a student is really fun.

Has anything taken you by surprise?

One thing I hadn't expected was the way my lecturers have all found passion in what they're teaching about. I'm surrounded by really impressive people with a lot to say. It's motivating to learn from people who love what they’re doing.

What had held you back from studying sooner?

Having never done tertiary before, I was afraid to take the leap. I’d always been circling, thinking that it was too late for me, or too expensive. Friends encouraged me to just call the uni and have that first conversation. I remember it vividly. The woman on the phone was so enthusiastic, it was infectious. The support I got from UC made a daunting process really quite simple.

Any advice for people thinking about starting uni later in life?

For me, it was a culmination of little steps that got me over the big impossible mountain. So my advice is: take the first step. I did, and now I’m doing the thing I thought I couldn't do. I’ve gone from doing work I was only lukewarm about to pursuing a career I've always wanted to do. I've taken what I truly love to do and made it big.