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Financial Support

If you are having financial difficulties then you might like to contact Student Care or the UCSA Advocacy and Welfare team to discuss your situation and options. You can also find a range of free helpful resources, links, scholarships and funding information below.

0800 Hungry – Food parcels delivered to your house

Careers – If you need a job to help fund your study, talk to careers for help on job searching, CV’s and interview prep.

Christchurch Budget Service – Free money management programmes

Citizens Advice Bureau – A free advisory service with financial support information and budgeting and debt advice.

City Mission – The Christchurch City Mission is a social service agency that can provide immediate support, including emergency food for those in need, budget advice and advocacy, and free emergency short-term accommodation.

Coping with Financial Stress – A pamphlet for people who may be experiencing stress or mental health problems relating to financial hardship. It provides practical advice for coping with stress, solving problems, and looking after family during tough economic times. It includes information about the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and directs readers to support services if they need them.

Emergency Accommodation – If you need emergency short-term accommodation, there are people you can talk to and places you can go.

Family Budgeting Services (Budgetline) – A network of free, confidential and non-judgemental budgeting services. Freephone 0508 283 438 (0508 BUDGETLINE), Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

International student welfare fund – If you’re an international student experiencing financial hardship, contact the Student Care team about whether you might be eligible to apply for help from the International Student Welfare Fund.

USA Financial Loans – If you’re an international student coming to UC, your home country might be able to provide you with financial help.

Salvation Army – Can provide accommodation support for a range of situations, and welfare support in the form of counselling and assistance with food, furniture and clothing.

Scholarships – If you’re looking for ways to fund your university study, be sure to check out the scholarships, grants and awards available.

Sorted - Online advice and budgeting templates

Student Job Search – Don’t know where to look to find a job? Check out Student Job Search, which can have over 3000 jobs available at any given time.

Study link – You may qualify for a loan or allowance from Studylink, including assistance with urgent costs towards your bond, rent, car, food, bills and more.

UCSA Foodbank – If finances have gotten a bit tight and you need some help with groceries, the Foodbank might be able to help you.

UCSA Hardship Grants – If you have something unforeseen or unexpected happen to you, and you have exhausted your options in finding a means of payment, the Hardship Grant might be able to help you.

UCSA Mickle Fund – If you’re a student of ability and good character who would not be able to complete your studies because of your financial circumstances, then there might be a recoverable loan available to you.