'Everyone Belongs' – UC Diversity Week 2015

"It's so amazing to see this happening on campus and I want to see it grow and develop in the future."

"Very important to have marginalised and diverse voices showcased on campus."

"This is the best initiative I have been part of since joining UC in 2000 as a staff member."

From 16 - 21 March, 2015 UC held its first ever Diversity Week. This inaugural event was a huge success, with over 2,000 staff and students attending 22 events focused on the theme of ‘everyone belongs’.

Events covered a wide-range of diversity themes including gender, sexuality, disability, religion, biculturalism, world culture and research. UCSA clubs contributed to a number of high-impact events including a world market with international food and cultural performances, a poetry slam and an open-mic forum.

Guest speakers during the week included Disability Advocate Ruth Jones, MP Mojo Mathers and People’s Choice Award Winner Gary Endacott. UC Diversity Awards were given to staff, students and clubs as recognition of their valuable contributions to making UC an inclusive, harmonious community.

You can view some of the speaking events online, including the official welcome, MP Mojo Mathers and the Powered by PechaKucha sessions.

The University is committed to bringing more Diversity events to UC throughout the academic year, so we can celebrate diversity all the time!. We received lots of useful feedback and ideas to make 2016 an even more inclusive celebration of diversity. If you’d like to contribute an idea, or get hands-on with the events next year please email student-success@canterbury.ac.nz.