Ripeka Tamanui-Hurunui

'Embracing diversity in engaging with others provides a reciprocal learning opportunity which is enriching'

Ripeka Tamanui-Hurunui UC Diversity Champion

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'I am the Māori Development Team Manager and Kaiārahi for Service Units including Student Services and Communications (SSAC) and Learning Resources.'

Ko Maungahaumi te maunga
Ko Takitimu te waka
Ko Ngāwari te wharenui
Ko Mangatu te marae
Ko Ngāriki Kaiputahi, ko Te Aitanga ā Māhaki, ko Ngāti Pōrou ōku iwi
Ko Ripeka Tamanui-Hurunui ahau

What does diversity mean to you?

'Diversity is about embracing others who are different from me, embracing diversity in engaging with others provides a reciprocal learning opportunity which is enriching.'

What role does diversity play in your work?

'Helping others to understand and embrace diversity is an important aspect of my mahi. My role gives me an opportunity to help colleagues understand how learning about and applying bicultural competence in the NZ context is transferrable learning. The bicultural framework provides us with a model for how to understand, engage with and embrace others who are different from you.

My background and experience is in cultural competence using a Māori framework however, because the nature of ‘self’ and one's own culture is so integral in learning about biculturalism, I regularly learn about other aspects of diversity including matters related to gender, sexuality, religion etc.'

What diversity activities have you been involved in?

'I have been involved in Diversity Week through my role on the UC Equity and Diversity Committee. My role gives me the opportunity to support colleagues to embed biculturalism/bicultural themes through a range of events. I’m also involved in various events on campus specifically designed for Māori students. I’m happy to be a champion for ethnic and general diversity practices.'