Dave Hawkey

'We’re here for students and we are here to ensure success and belonging.'

dave hawkey UC diversity champion

Contact details

Email: dave.hawkey@ucsa.org.nz


'I am the CEO of the UCSA and a graduate from UC. Our vision and mission statement say it all. We’re here for students and we are here to ensure success and belonging. We provide a wide range of services from advocacy and welfare, to dental care, activities and events, media, childcare, food and beverage and lots of other stuff.'

What does diversity mean to you?

'To me diversity is about ensuring broad representation and that our students feel they are in an environment where they can be themselves and can succeed.'

What role does diversity play in your work?

'Most of my career has been spent in the Tourism industry and I have travelled widely. My wish for the UCSA is that we truly represent every student here at UC and provide the best support that our resources can deliver.'

What diversity activities have you been involved in?

'I helped the Students Wellbeing Advisory Group get started and I will be providing guidance to the Student Exec this year when we review our Constitution. I think I can offer support in particular to international students given my tourism background.'