Equity and Diversity Plan 2018–2020

The University of Canterbury has a long history with proud milestones in equity and diversity marked along the way. Established in 1873 as Canterbury College, UC was the first university in Aotearoa New Zealand to admit women into a programme of study, the first university in the British Commonwealth for confer honours on a female student, and the first university in Aotearoa New Zealand to have a Māori graduate.

Equity and diversity are a priority at the University of Canterbury. In line with Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the Education Act 1989, the Human Rights Act 1993, and existing University policy and documentation, UC is committed to taking practical steps to enhance a culture of belonging at UC and maximise the extent to which people of all backgrounds can pursue their goals without influence from inappropriate discrimination.

The Equity and Diversity Plan 2018–2020 was written with three main objectives in mind:

    • to explain the rationale behind equity and diversity at UC
    • to highlight some of the most important ways in which equity and diversity is being progressed
    • to coordinate and advance equity and diversity efforts at UC by outlining five strategic equity and diversity objectives for the University to pursue