Report an Incident

During an emergency, you can still report an incident using Assura, which is UC’s health and safety reporting system. To use Assura, follow the links below.

Click on the below links to report something

The Health and Safety team have a webpage full of resources on how to use Assura. 

There are 'how to' videos that clearly show you how to do tasks such as Triage a report (managers) or investigate an incident (DSOs).

There are also videos showing you how to report an incident or safety observation in the web application or mobile app.

Check out the system user guides and resources below

A manual form is ONLY to be completed for contractors, students or if staff members do not have access to Assura. 

You can work alongside department administration, your manager or supervisor, who will then enter the report into Assura within 24 hours of the incident or as soon as possible.